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Cedaredge, Colorado
Step out of your car you are now standing in the footprints of our kindred forefathers.

Step through the Welcome Center and into the past. Surface Creek Valley Historical Society with the help of thousands of  minds and willing hands have created an outstanding museum of 24 buildings with displays most of which are actual artifacts from the era, represented from the historical period of the late 1800’s and the early 1900’s.

Pioneer Town is a genuine community project, thanks to a lot of hard work, donations, memberships, entrance fees, and many fund raising events.  Work has been provided by a number of dedicated volunteers, local contractors, and work groups from the honor camp.

Take a stroll down the boardwalks of the old town, your walking in their footsteps.  Ring the bell atop the Sand Creek Schoolhouse.

Now imagine the 9 Peterson children trying to settle down for the night in their 1881 log cabin.

Lizard Head Saloon
The three wooden silos Welcome You to Pioneer Town and are on the National Historic Registry due to their unique 9 and 11 multi-sided construction.

Walk along the boardwalks of Main Street, and stop in the well-stocked Coalby Store where pioneers picked up supplies, mail and the latest town news.

Just down the way don't miss the Charles States Museum and see a variety of displays from needlepoint to one of the largest dinosaur footprints ever found. Imagine trying to squeeze into the narrow shoes at the Girling Mercantile.

Keep an eye out for the sheriff, and don't get into trouble, you might end up in the original, unheated 1906 jail.  

Now that you've been warned step into the Lizard Head Saloon and belly up to the bar and rest your bones as so many travelers have done over the years.  But remember the bar is closed during COURT.  Be sure to keep an eye on the 'steely eyed' dude in the corner.

Now just ahead Feel the love and painstaking craftsmanship that went into making the handmade dolls in Doris' Doll and Toy House.

Picture the Indians sharpening the points of arrowheads that now comprise one of the most extensive collections in the West at the Sutherland Indian Museum.

Be sure to enjoy the serenity of the Chapel of the Cross.. Welcome Ctr

Pioneer Town is operated and maintained by the Surface Creek Valley Historical Society.  
The entire Pioneer Town complex is 'maintained, staffed and operated' solely by dedicated VOLUNTEERS
Pioneer Town is a continuing and evolving reminder of how the early settlers to the Surface Creek Valley and Colorado lived.  

All of the structures are either original restorations, or authentic replicas.  All buildings are outfitted with artifacts from the area. 

The continued growth and existence of Pioneer Town is linked the dedication and support from our Volunteers - Membership - Visitors and YOU!!  Please help us to keep our history alive for the future generations.

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Thank You and enjoy your visit. 
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After your visit continue north and over the GRAND MESA BYWAY...   "WOW" is guaranteed.


Bar I Wooden Silos

Bar I Wooden Silos

Pioneer Town is Now open.  We will close October 3, 2015

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